What is remanent fabric?


Did you know we used recycled or remanent fabrics?! Growing up in fashion I learned that a lot of fabric gets thrown away or left behind in the production process. Actually some of it doesn’t get used at all! After years of making this observation I though hmmm.. where does it all go? Well a lot of this fabric is sold off and or thrown away In the end.


That’s where my design sense comes into play! Ever wonder where I get my inspiration? It’s in the fabric! The way it feels and makes you want to just go on a vacation! Yea that! I see that as soon as I see a fabric in the wild. I walk miles and miles of warehouses all over downtown LA. I design most if not all of my pieces on the spot. “This would look great as a skirt...or this as a shawl!” That how it goes. 

Well most of these fabrics are thrown away and very limited. Im passionate about giving them another life to give you beautiful and comfortable clothes. Otherwise they would go to the landfill!