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Our Story

Hella Good Babes is a fashion brand but more than just that. We want to inspire women to be bold and beautiful while also being conscious about style. Our mission is to create a brand that not only is up to date with style but makes an impact on the waste that is added to our world. Fashion is the second largest polluter to out environment. We are striving to meet an 80% in less waste added to our world. Our main mission is to use textiles that are limited because they have been leftovers from other production and would otherwise go to waste. Also to move towards sustainable energy in our production and how we power our business. These are baby steps but we hope to make a difference and encourage others to make better business practices. Be sure to keep a look out for our blog where we will talk more about topics like this.


   Hella good babes was started by Megan Somerville in the heart of Los Angeles. A small women team that strives to make beautiful statement pieces for women all over the world. We appreciate your support!