Our Story

Hella Good Babes, is a Los Angeles based fashion brand, owned by women, and designed by women for women.  Megan Somerville, grew up literally inside the fashion and design world.  Her mother is a forty year veteran of the Industry as well as a professor at F.I.D.M for over a decade.  Megan's two sibling's both also work in Fashion and Design, so it really is both a family business as well as a family passion. 

"I want to inspire women to be bold and beautiful, and to have confidence in their fashion choices."  Megan Somerville

With Hella Good Babes, Megan set out to design, colorful, comfortable items, that allow her customers to stand out, but are always on trend and appropriate for nearly every occasion.  Taking advantage of an innate sense of style and a flair for bold, beautiful prints and daring silhouettes, Megan sources all her own fabrics locally and creates looks that inspire women to be just the right amount of sexy. Hella Good Babes, knows that the modern women is on a budget, and the line is designed with a certain practicality. 

 Perhaps most importantly, Hella Good's, owner/designer's lifelong experience, has informed her about just how much damage the fashion industry causes our planet.  In fact, it's second only to the petrochemical industry as a cause of major pollution and waste.  So with that in mind, Hella Good Babes, designs all come from fabrications that were left over by the industry's majors. Perfectly good fabric that would have otherwise went to waste.  Thereby, Hella Good Babes both reduces it's own footprint on the planet, as well as cleaning it up a bit for the industry as a whole.  

"These are baby steps but we hope to make some difference and to encourage others to make better business practices. Be sure to keep a look out for our blog where we will talk more about these topics, and help you stay abreast of all the upcoming trends.  I know you want to join us in being one, Hella Good Babe!"

-Megan A Somerville